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Economy and Regulation

Rational specializes in economic projects and working alongside various government ministries, in the fields of reforms, policy planning, taxation, etc. Rational works with a variety of leading clients and entities in the Israeli economy and provides economic solutions that address a variety of issues.

As part of its work, Rational composes business plans in order to develop and promote economic reforms. Rational supports a large number of entities and organizations, and has success in developing innovative and creative solutions for its clients.

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Financial Services

Rational supports companies, start-ups and investors across a wide range of activities. Rational has extensive experience and an in-depth familiarity with the Israeli economy and the venture capital industry.

Rational helps companies and entities develop and implement innovative processes and assess technologies and strategic partners.

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Strategy and Business Development

Strategic and business development at Rational focuses on analyzing companies and organizations and providing recommendations for tailored growth and development. The research includes in-depth economic and qualitative analyses, finding global benchmarks, market analyses and activity valuations, identifying global trends, etc.

Rational works with each client to create a tailor-made strategy and detailed operative plan in order to achieve its outlined goals. Beyond implementation, Rational is also engaged in the support and implementation of these strategic plans, including assistance with all business and operational aspects.

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Research and Informatics

Rational's Informatics Department consists of researchers from army intelligence units with in-depth knowledge of information and intelligence gathering. Rational offers digital intelligence services for a wide range of clients such as private companies, government ministries, funds and investors.

As a result of its industry expertise, Rational succeeds in providing its clients with useful and reliable information, using advanced methods and tools for researching and analyzing information from a variety of sources in Israel and abroad.