Rational provides strategic and economic consulting services to a variety of clients in the public sector as well as small and large businesses, venture capital funds, private investors etc. The company is built to address a wide range of needs across the fields of economics, regulation, strategy, execution, and research.


Our team consists of experts with extensive experience and a deep understanding of Israeli regulation, the current business environment, and the Israeli capital industry.

Boaz previously served as VP of Planning and Economics at the Tax Authority, alongside a series of senior positions in the Israeli Treasury. He has led and promoted a number of significant reforms and many structural changes for the Israeli economy. Boaz serves as chairman of the Akim Guardianship Association and CFO of the Elitzur Jerusalem Sports Association.

Boaz Sofer

Founder and Chairman

David served for 7 years in a variety of positions in unit 8200, and is a member of several forums of the unit's graduates, accelerators and various funds operating in the field. David specializes in business development, consulting and mentorship for start-ups, M&A processes, and tailoring strategic solutions.

David Shitrit


Shai leads the department of strategic projects in Rational and has managedt long-term strategic planning projects for leading companies across Israel. Shai served for ~7 years in the economic office of the Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff and specializes in leading procurement processes, LCC analysis, negotiation management etc.

Shai Victor Levy

Head of Strategy

Ido is a veteran of Unit 8200 and leads the field of informatics and research in Rational specializing in digital intelligence research.

Ido Benshalom

Head of Research and Informatics

Uzi leads the department that builds economic models and manages BOT projects in Rational. He has built the LCC model for the Intelligence Campus of the Israeli Military Intelligence, has managed tenders for the Ministry of Defense, Trans-Israel, Netivei Israel (Iroads) etc. Uzi has more than 13 years of experience in financial consulting for major Israeli infrastructure projects as well as expertise in finance and investment in global financial markets.

Uzi Hacohen

Head of Economic Modeling

Tal holds a bachelor's degree in government, politics and strategy from the IDC Herzliya, and a M.A. in public policy from the IDC center. Tal serves in Reserves with the rank of Major in the Southern Brigade of the Gaza Division.

Tal Gal

Office Manager

Matan works as a consultant at Rational in the department of policy planning and has managed projects for statutory entities and leading companies in the Israeli economy in the fields of economics and regulation.

Matan Hala


Dor has extensive experience in digital marketing and advertising and works as a consultant at Rational. In his previous position, he worked for the Mccann Israel Group and led the group's LinkedIn department.

Dor Marshall


Works at Rational as a research informant and analyst. Adar works in business information services and activities of locating, managing and processing information using high-quality databases.

Adar Gnip


Maya is a graduate of Unit 8200 and works at Rational as a research analyst. Maya works in business information services and activities of locating, managing and processing information using high-quality databases.

Maya Shoam